Our CVs not only look good and read well, but they also communicate your value to employers quickly – which is what will win you interviews. This is why lots of our customers have been kind enough to leave us some great reviews.

We are dedicated to a ‘show, don’t tell’ attitude as far as reviews are concerned. In an industry prone to a culture of fake reviews published on websites, we strive to be the opposite. We have received great VERIFIABLE reviews over the years and encourages clients to verify their CV writers’ reputation on sites such as LinkedIn and independent review sites for them to get a true idea of the person they are trusting to write their CV. We strive for 100% satisfaction in every client we work with, prizing word-of-mouth referrals to further grow our business.

JOHAN MARAIS – Executive Business Development CV (North West Province)

“If you need a CV that is truly mind-blowing, exciting and beyond anything you ever expected, look no further! Vanessa and her team are extremely professional and efficient, and with their industry knowledge and expertise, they have the ability to create magic in a very short time, able to encapsulate a lifelong career in a concise and visually attractive manner. This is not a simple re-write, but rather a complete re-design that suits your skills and personality perfectly.”

FRANKY BOTHA – Mining Industry CV (Globally)

“Vanessa and her team at Visualize Resourcing were tasked to ‘revitalise’ my Curriculum Vitae. Firstly their prompt responses and good communication were impressive, but what was even more impressive is how they gained an in-depth insight into the person (me) from some basic information and a ‘clever’ questionnaire. I can safely say that they will not just re-shuffle the information on your CV and give it a bit of lipstick; Visualise Resourcing will accentuate the unique and pertinent characteristics or strengths that you have to enable you to confidently reach for the sky.”

AMANDA FOURIE – Engineering Industry CV (Johannesburg)

“Visualize did a phenomenal job! The in-depth questions they ask really help bring out the type of person you are, the colour and style of the CV and cover letter in the end complement the information so well. They highlighted all the main points in my career so well and really helped elevate my experience and expertise, which I really struggled to do on my own. Their prices are extremely fair for the incredible work that they produce and the level of service that they give.”

DANIEL DU PLESSIS – Medical Industry Executive CV (United Kingdom)

“I couldn’t afford to make use of the UK CV writers and pay in £. I asked Visualize to assist and am extremely impressed by the feedback I am getting from all the UK recruitment agencies. One even said that it’s the best CV she has ever seen and another said my CV outranked all the other CVs in all of his searches. My new CV got me 3 online interviews within the 1st week after my Visualize CV writer told me where to register my new CV!”

PHIL HOREY – Telecom Executive CV (UK)

“The compliments I am getting are staggering. Most professionals have never seen such a well scripted and designed CV. Recruiters use various algorithms/Ai/ATS shortlisting programmes and the design used by Visualize is making me the number 1 candidate out of all applicants.”

RIANA GREYLING – Head of Human Resources CV (International)

“Very few professionals have the skill to reflect personality, business skills, talent and experience on paper. Vanessa Carlson has that skill. Vanessa captures the essence of you and she portrays your personality in a very abbreviated summarized CV.”

Don’t just take our word for it, read it from them! More great reviews can be seen on our Google Business Page, Facebook and LinkedIn. Click links below.

Local & International Clients

We write CVs for local South African markets, as well as immigration globally. Country exposure includes Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East (Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Israel), Europe (Germany, France, Netherlands, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Monaco), Africa (Nigeria, Mozambique, Algeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, DRC, Uganda, Madagascar, Namibia, Malawi, Burkina Faso, Lesotho, Eswatini, Angola, Cameroon), China, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Fiji, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, etc.

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